The Wyoming Hemp Seed Company formally objects to any third party interests forcing association under presumed or lobbied authority.

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Can I grow hemp in Wyoming in 2019?


You must be one of the already approved Wyoming pilot programs doing hemp research to grow hemp in Wyoming in 2019.


Can I apply to the WDA for a Hemp Growers License?


Not until the USDA completes the guidelines for it and approves the WDA plan on the Federal level, sometime by the end of 2019.  The Feds have 60 days to approve WDA's plan after they accept WDA's submission.  The WDA already did everything they are supposed to do.  We can't grow in defiance of the Feds like the other hemp growing States, because HB171 that legalized hemp in Wyoming says we can't.


Can I get a license and grow by 2020?


Yes.  The Wyoming Hemp Seed Company will have fresh seedstock and cuttings that are already Wyoming grown for you to buy for the spring of 2020.   


Is there a Wyoming based Hemp Farmers Union that is considered a central gathering point for Wyoming Hemp Farmers, with information, training and reputable staff?


No.  There should be, and it should be formed with the best long term agricultural interests of Wyoming being the firsthand priority, and NOT make Wyoming's Hemp Industry dependent to the market whims of non-farmers and quick buck opportunists from around the globe.  Fraudulent plants and genetics are rampant in the industry, and Wyoming farmers can end up with not the hemp they ordered, dud seeds, and "HOT HEMP", hemp that tests too high for THC by law.  This is already a problem in Colorado where Wyomingites are inclined to look for genetics and advice.  Many "hemp people" are career "weed people" with drug felonies and shady business backgrounds.


Does the Wyoming Hemp Seed Company offer consulting and access to industrial hemp strains that will work for my farming operation successfully?


Yes.  The Wyoming Hemp Seed Company offers consultation on best practices with hemp, and on-site growhouse construction contractor services, including in house Master Electrician services to help safely launch a hemp enterprise that works for you.  We are being approached by many interested farmers and ranchers that predominantly want to try hemp on an average of 80 irrigated acres, typically hay ground, to see what the fuss is about.  We agree, call us up, and let's see if we can help you put something together that works.  You are not alone, many are interested in this opportunity.

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