Hemp and Construction

The Wyoming Hemp Seed Company participated in the building of the first Hempcrete structure in the Western Hemisphere.  Hempcrete is a new building method that replaces the rock and fiberglass in concrete with hemp, and a hemp based binding agent is added.  This construction method will revolutionize Carbon Sequestration, because as the hemp for it is grown, it absorbs atmospheric carbon dioxide as part of its growth process. Then the carbon dioxide is locked, or sequestered, in the hempcrete building material after it hardens into a long lasting structure.  Hempcrete is not structural, but in return has a same or better insulative R-value and a much longer lifespan than a traditionally built wall of the same thickness.   Below is a photo gallery that shows hemp batt insulation installed in stud walls, as well as hempcrete compacted into timber frame walls and finished with hemp based stucco and paint.  The hempcrete we used had to be imported from Europe, shown at right.  We slept comfortably in sleeping bags directly on batts of hemp fiber insulation, which chlidren played on like piled up matresses, with no irirtation or ill efects to anyone.  Imagine doing that with "traditional pink" builidng insulation.  We were concerned about fire retardency, and we used a blowtorch on the hemp batts, and were unable to ignight them.  It was very comperable to trying to burn through a thick phonebook.


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